looks at * Practical, stress reduced and efficient household management * Creative Business ideas * Managing ADHD, depression, bipolar, SAD and trauma at home * Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) friendly, mainstream education techniques.

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Subject Descriptions

About_AddWise – Introductory articles e.g. mission statement, financing, about the author, about the site, history, contact details etc.

Arty – AddWise art, poetry,  narrative and stories by Mini Dragon, Red Rocket, me and Others demonstrating creativity of children and often the inspiration I have received from life. “Art is an expression of emotion”. For example, if you read the description of my site, inspiration is a key word for me.

Coffee? –Reflections of on my life, experience and learning. Muses on the impact of my mental health disorders (ADHD, the depression, trauma and mania asociated with bi-polar II, Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD ) intermingle with family management, household management or life situations faced by “normal” people. In some articles, I imagine one of my characters chatting with an author over a cup of coffee. Other articles are in the form of edited diary entries through which I capture issues as they occur rather than relying on my flaky Attention Deficit Disorder memory

Eds_Up – Primary, secondary school and university level techniques for mainstream teaching and independent learning. These techniques are ADHD friendly, mainly because they have been created by a high achieving  ADHD individual. The aim is to indirectly improve the chances of helping hidden, well behaved children who, unbeknownst to family and educationalist, have and are struggling with a disorder, namely ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADD).

Grief? – The AddWise Owls now understand that grief is caused not only by bereavement but other losses too. Particularly pertinent is the loss of life’s opportunities and joys that occur when one partner develops a massively debilitating psychological disorder like bipolar or after many years realise they and their partner have been battling a disorder that can never leave them e.g ADHD. That loss is felt on both sides of a partnership; partners find their vision for the future in disarray and may have their own grief to contend with.  Under Grief? you will find a collection of articles some of which describe ways in which I am coming to terms, rather late in the day, with my ADHD / bipolar laced future and my perspective of the impact Grief has had on my marriage.

ProNup – Let’s turn the idea of reaching a pre-nuptial agreement on its head by looking in detail at areas in which people can improve their chances of maintaining their marriage or partnership i.e. pro-nuptial agreements. My starting point has either been stupid sticking points in my marriage or suggestions from the authoritative authors I have read. They are equally applicable to on-going relationships.

Ref – Little Owl’s Reference Section – Quotes from authoritative Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD), bipolar etc sources i.e. Mucky Duck’s learning.

ROAR – Mucky Duck’s experience of extreme anxiety, deep depression and possibly subsyndromal Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Sunny_Holiday – Mrs Beeton advises on holiday packing and preparation with the aim of making it less stressful. She provides packing and preparation “to do” lists, each in the detail that doesn’t seem to be available on-line. The lists are divided into “type of holiday” and give hints on packing for children of various ages.

Sunny_Wardrobe – Sorting, clutter busting, updating and co-ordinating your wardrobe is supposed to be fun, confidence building (you get compliments) and lift the doldrums. Shopping for new clothes and finding bargains is for many a delicious treat. Making fewer mistakes saves money. Spreading the cost reduces the “bendy Visa” and budget breaking phenomenon. Choosing weather appropriate clothes for any occasion is fantastic. Being able to get ready fast is virtually essential for a busy mother.

The question is how do you get there? Having finally cottoned on to the fact I could not do it in the same way as my well groomed family I developed my own. I know my methods work because I achieve the goals above, not always, but more often than I ever have before. I know my ideas are good because some people have said “Oh that’s a good idea.” I expend more time and effort to achieve success but that is to be expected; it is difficult for me and easy for them.

If you are like my family, congratulations; SUNNY WARDROBE is not for you. If you are struggling, my articles which tackle one problem at a time in a step-by-step fashion, may suit you.

Divvy_Up – For any couple (or family) who want to live harmoniously, listing and “dividing all the chores that have to be done in a way that feels fair to each member of the couple” seems an obvious thing to do. Adults with ADD are often advised to break-down a large task into smaller, less overwhelming steps. Make your “list & divide” process more efficient, comprehensive and effective by starting with Mrs Beeton’s detailed job lists.